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About Miski Organics

We are a Canadian company with Peruvian roots

Miski Organics® is a proudly family-owned Canadian company with Peruvian roots.  Our company was born from the desire to make a difference in peoples’ lives by providing them with healthier food alternatives.   Our core values include environmental sustainability, organic, and fair-trade practices.

Miski Organics provides nutrient-rich, certified organic, non-GMO, gluten free products to support peoples’ health. Our product line includes Andean Grains and Seeds, Dried Superfruits, Raw Dried Superfoods, Raw Cacao and Derivates – all sustainably grown and cultivated in Peru.  By sourcing from local farmers in the coastal valleys, Andean mountains and Amazon region of Peru, we are also contributing to the improvement of living conditions in rural communities, keeping farmers employed, and helping communities thrive by moving from economic instability to self-sufficiency. Our support for sustainable agricultural practices helps ensure the environment surrounding our farmers’ land is safe and preserves their culture and traditions.

As a Canadian agri-food company, we also specialize in creating Peruvian-inspired organic superfood derivates which are produced in-house and include Canadian-grown ingredients.  All our products are available in bulk or packaged for retail in blue-bin friendly recyclable bags sourced locally.

Our customers include health-conscious consumers, retailers, distributors, and food and beverage companies across North America.

Our Story

Our story begins in the magnificent lands of Peru

Our story begins in the magnificent lands of Peru, where our founders, sisters Mariella and Lia, were born. They learned about the ancient Incas and their predecessors at a young age, and how their ancestors worshipped the land and developed some of the most sophisticated agricultural systems of our time. From the very beginning, the sisters believed in the direct correlation between the strength and hard work of the Inca farmers, and the vitality that what is known today as superfoods gave them as a result.

In 1988, Mariella moved to Canada and started a family, while Lia remained in Peru and eventually opened an organic and gluten-free bakery with her daughters. It was Lia’s tenacity and passion for natural, organic products that connected her to sustainable local farmers and food suppliers, eventually leading her to integrate these natural superfoods into her product offering.

The Benefits of Organic Foods

Later in Canada, one of Mariella’s daughters started consuming organic foods, and she opened Mariella’s eyes to not only the benefits of consuming organics, but the adverse effects that chemicals, hormones, and antibiotics have on our bodies and the environment. Not long after, Mariella’s whole family followed suit. Their newfound passion for organic foods and their benefits was a turning point in their journey to a healthier lifestyle.

During a family trip, Mariella and Lia were sharing ideas about the importance of organic superfoods in a healthy and balanced diet – and it sparked an idea! Their knowledge, along with their dedication to their Peruvian heritage and their passion for sustainability brought upon the beginning of Miski Organics®.

Today, Miski Organics® is a proudly family-owned and operated Canadian company dedicated to sharing the benefits of organic superfoods and providing families with a growing selection of exceptional products, “From the heart of the land to the heart of your home”®.