Born and raised in Peru, one of the most ecologically-diverse countries in the world, sisters Mariella and Lia were taught from a young age that the ancient Incas and their predecessors worshipped the land and developed some of the most sophisticated agricultural systems. The Incas were known for being very strong, and it is believed that consuming ancient grains as an integral part of their diet had a direct correlation.

Mariella made Canada her new home in 1988. At that time the nutritional benefits of these products were largely unknown. Who would have predicted back then that these traditional superfoods would one day become essential to a healthy diet?

A few years ago, one of Mariella’s daughters started consuming organic foods. She began sharing the benefits of organics and the adverse effects of chemicals, hormones and antibiotics in non-organic products. Soon after the whole family followed suit, and this was the turning point in their journey to a healthier lifestyle.

Sisters Mariella L. Irivarren and Lia Ponce Quebec City, October 2015

Sisters Mariella L. Irivarren and Lia Ponce
Quebec City, October 2015

Meanwhile Lia, who lives in Peru and is a lifelong consumer of traditional superfoods, saw a gap in the local market and decided to integrate them into the organic and gluten-free bakery she runs with her daughters. It was her continuous search for healthy, organic and high quality products that allowed her to come in contact with sustainable local farmers and food suppliers.

During a recent family trip sisters Mariella and Lia were sharing ideas about their newfound food knowledge and the importance of organic superfoods in a healthy and balanced diet, and this is how Miski Organics came to fruition.

It is with great pride that today we share the benefits of these superfoods with Canadian families and bring our organic products “from the heart of the land to the heart of your home”.