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Maca Cacao Power Pudding

30 May 2022

By: Jessie Morgan

This easy and delicious superfood treat is just so good for you! 

The Maca Cacao Power Pudding can be eaten any time of day to satisfy your hunger, your sweet tooth, while supporting your body’s health systems.


By stabilizing hormones, Maca provides you with a mood and energy boost. 

Cacao is rich in fibre, which helps promote digestion and reduce inflammation.

With extremely high levels of Omega fatty acids, Sacha Inchi enhances brain function. 

Berries are a known source of antioxidants, keeping your cells strong and able to fight disruptors. 

Through potassium and magnesium, bananas and avocados help to reduce muscle soreness and control blood pressure.

Serves: 2


Optional Toppings: