Many illnesses have been linked to the use of chemicals and genetically modified organisms in today’s food processing industry. It’s no secret that what we eat may potentially have an adverse effect on our health.

Organic foods are free of chemicals and other hazardous substances. They are foods that have been grown from “unaltered” seeds remaining at their most natural state.

Top reasons why we recommend organic:

  1. Free of chemicals, pesticides and other artificial substances: Organic products are free substances that could potentially have a negative impact on our health. Consuming organic foods will significantly reduce exposure to health hazards.
  2. GMO-free: Organic foods are GMO-free which significantly decreases exposure to a wide range of health hazards including food allergies, increased toxicity and resistance to antibiotics.
  3. Free of hormones and antibiotics: Large amounts of antibiotics and hormones are used in animal feed every year and many of these are passed directly onto consumers through their diets. Adverse health effects include the early onset of puberty, higher risk of cancer and genetic problems, among others. When you eat organic you are far less likely to be consuming foods that contain residues of antibiotic or pathogens.​
  4. Higher nutritional value: Organic products contain more nutrients than conventionally grown foods because they are grown on rich soil. Organic plants produce healthier natural foods that nourish the body providing it with vital energy to achieve optimum functioning.
  5. Helps protect the environment: The array of chemicals, pesticides, and fertilizers used in conventional farming practices are poisoning our environment, contaminating our water supply, depleting earth’s soil resources and destroying the value of fertile farmland.
  6. Sustainability for future generations: Produced in harmony with nature, through soil preservation and crop rotation, organic foods keep the farmland healthy and support sustainability for future generations. Organic farming also creates healthier habitats for natural species.